"It's not a cocktail unless it has at least three ingredients"
'The Chief'

Spiced Rum on the rocks

Spiced rum (as much or as little as you want), ice cubes, lime (quarter).

Easy! Squeeze & drop the quarter lime into a short glass. Half fill the glass with ice cubes (between 3 and 6 should do the trick). Fill the rest of the glass with spiced rum.

Best Rums to use:
Captain Morgan's Private Stock, Sailor Jerry, Lamb's Spiced

Rum Baron Comment:
To steal a well known phrase from Jack Dee when he did the John Smiths adverts, "Pure silk in a glass". Although this barely qualifies as a cocktail, its sheer deliciousness merits its inclusion. It somehow tastes like one is drinking liquid chocolate. Smooth, strong, and sweet. Like yours truly.


Dark N Stormy

50ml Dark Rum, 50 - 100ml Ginger Ale (to taste), ice cubes, lime (quarter).

Squeeze & drop the lime into a collins glass. Chuck in between four to six ice cubes (preferably crushed). Add the rum (at least 50ml, but more if you like it stronger). Follow up by adding the ginger ale (50ml for a stronger 1:1 ratio cocktail, or 100ml in a 1:2 ratio for a smoother long drink).

Best Rums to use:
Any dark rum will do the trick, but for authenticy and taste, it has got to be the original... Gosling's Black Seal Bermuda Rum, especially when combined with Gosling's Ginger Ale which was specially formulated for the cocktail.

Rum Baron Comment:
A personal favourite. The sweetness of the rum is balanced perfectly with the zestiness of the ginger, for a deliciously refreshing cocktail. Sweet enough to be enjoyed by women as well as men, all with a manly sounding name so as not to put off those guys who are afraid that ordering a cocktail might dent their image. Perfect for drinking on those dark and stormy nights after which the drink takes its name. Perfect for any other night for that matter. If I'm asked in a pop quiz if I was a cocktail which one would I be, this would be my answer. Dark, stormy, ginger full of rum. Once again, just like yours truly.


To be continued...





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